Nikki and Rhey

I’m a sucker for being a romantic.  Perhaps that’s why I love to photograph engagements, and weddings.  I love the feel of being transported back to our wedding in 1999 when I was so young and head-over-heals in love with my newly pronounced husband.  There’s something really special about photographing two people in love.  They have that glitter in their eyes, the look of uncertainty, and the adoring ways that they smile at each other.  Hence, Nikki and Rhey. Even though they got married in Las Vegas (not at the Chapel of Love), they asked me to photograph their reception here in Honolulu.

It was a rainy day, and we did our best to play with the weather the best that we could.  We got some nice outdoor shots, but the real fun was when we made it into the reception hall for the festivities to begin.  I had never been to a Philipino wedding before, but it was beautiful.  They had four different dance troops wearing their traditional garb, performing traditional Philipino dances.  They even had a Tahitian dancer giving blessings to the bride and groom. I spent four hours filming the festivities and walked away with over 500 shots.  Thinking about shooting a wedding on 35mm back in the old days, when you’d get 25 pictures on a roll of film, really put it into perspective how far that we’ve come since then.


Of course shooting the wedding’s are always the fun part.  Coming home and spending days on end editing on the other hand can be time consuming, and at times tedious.  Yet the magic starts to come alive, and the excitement of presenting the results are always the fun part.  There’s the nerves that are involved that maybe they won’t be happy with your photos.  But then you remember that you just captured four hours of a happy day that was in your hands.

I had a blast photographing Nikki and Rhey! They are so much fun and I hope that they will continue to use me as their family grows.  I’d always be down to flying for Vegas!

New To The World

What is it about newborn babies that make just about every woman squeal with delight? Coming from a mother of zero, I can tell you what makes me squeal.  This may seem a bit harsh, but I like it when they’re asleep.  Now wait! You’re thinking what a horrible monster I am right? Why don’t you let me finish and I can explain myself (how many times have we all said that?).  I love it when they are asleep because they are in zen baby mode.  I think that they are having these wonderfully beautiful dreams that no adult can experience.  I think that they are dreaming of some far-a-way land where they came from and are eager to get back.  My theory is that is why they cry when they wake up.  Reality sinks in and they’re back to a strange new world with lots of outside noises.  I also really love sleeping babies because honestly, that’s the best time to photograph them.  When they are quiet and asleep, far away from this world.  Just look at Spencer below.  He is the sweetest angel which makes this one of my favorite photos I have taken.


Baby Spencer off in Never Neverland

In general I just love kids.  They are fun, full of life, and never really have to think about the mundane things in life that we adults do.  Wouldn’t it be nice to travel back to the day’s of being a kid just for a week to experience the wonderment all over.  Maybe we wouldn’t take our lives so seriously then.  I digress.  Look at Aedan here, only about a week old when he got his first of several glamor shots.  Aedan, now seven years old, is one of the sweetest boys that you will ever meet.  And brave! He already surfs and skateboards with his grandpa.  Children are just beautiful angels, and while I don’t have any of my own, I make a really good aunt and baby sitter.