Global Travels

I’ve always have been a gypsy of sorts.  In fact, my husband and I are well known as the gypsy and the pioneer.  We both love exploring the world, and seeing the wonderment’s of the world.  After we got our passports in 2009 we bought our first ticket’s out of the country to Thailand.  Well, wait…I did live in Sweden and had a passport, but I was only six years old.  Since that time, I hadn’t been abroad.  We had traveled most of the United States, and found beauty in every state we visited.  From the lobster on the east coast, to the Rockies on the west.  Nothing prepared us though for what was waiting for us in Thailand.  It was like waking up in a dream, and seeing the world with fresh new eyes.  We took in every aspect of the culture, food, and the generosity of people.  On that trip we also visited Cambodia.  There we were humbled by the atrocities of the world, yet taken in again by the culture, beauty and the kindness of the people.

Soon after that we started our next series of travels to Sweden to visit my family in twenty-six years, and Peru.  Now as we begin to embark on our next part of our global travels, we are experiencing the marvels that lay ahead for us.  At the time of this blog, we aren’t releasing our travel destination quite yet, as we are still waiting on our tickets.  But I can tell you, it’s going to be yet another exciting trip for the gypsy and the pioneer.


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