I have to admit.  I’ve always had an infinite attraction to fashion even though I have tried to conceal it from others.  As a teenager my girlfriends and I would cut out Swatch, oUnited Colors of Bennington, or Esprit ads (that should show you my age) and tape them to our wall bordering our bedrooms in glamor and chicness.  As I got into my twenties my attraction towards fashion turned to disdain as I embraced my free loving gypsy side.  My thirties consisted of traveling, exploring and rock climbing, so any clothing that wasn’t conducive to my lifestyle was dismissed as frivolous.  Certainly, that remains somewhat true today, but as I entered into my late thirties, my love of fashion returned.  The clothes! The shoes! The handbags! Even though I have a beer budget with champagne taste, I have always seemed to manage to pull of the best of discount fashion (a big thank you to TJ Maxx and Ross).  I even started designing my own clothing with acrylic paints and had my own designer brand: Omväg – simply meaning “detour” in Swedish.  To draw inspiration I hit the fall runway show here in Honolulu to capture images of some of the latest trends, and fell back in love with fashion.

So as I enter into the second half of my life, I’m excited to see where my entrepreneurial skills will lead me.  As a multi-potentialite, I have the opportunities to not do just one thing that I love, but all things that I love.  Which includes fashion.

I’m in love with this necklace



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