Whether you are getting married, having a baby or looking for updated family photos; you want to make sure that you hire a photographer that you can trust.  There are thousands of photographers to chose from today, but finding one that you can connect with can be difficult.  Like finding your future bride, or groom, not everyone can be the perfect match.  That’s why you have to use discernment when finding the right photographer to capture those precious moments in your life.  This is the one thing that I always take seriously when considering accepting a photography gig.  I want to meet the bride and groom to see if there is a connection where our ideas of the perfect shot are in synchronicity with one another.

In fact, one of the reasons that I decided to get into wedding photography is because I was very disappointed in our own wedding photos that we got back when my husband and I said, “I do”.  I was expecting more, but there wasn’t a connection with the photographer.  He didn’t introduce himself when he showed up for the shoot, and it was very awkward to pose for a man that seemed just to be going through the motions.

I have been photographing weddings, engagements, newborn, keiki (children), receptions, parties, events, and family photos professionally since 2009.  I started off simply with a basic camera kit, and slowly built up my business.  Today, I have a full-time career working in Human Resources, as a recruiter, and spend my weekends photographing life events.  It’s the perfect way to balance out both sides of my brain seeing that my creativity, and logical side seem to be split right down the middle.  I get anxious not having a steady paycheck while also having anxiety when I’m not harnessing out my creativity.  Working in HR is very much like working with brides by allowing my intuitive side give me signals whether the person will work out or not.

I never force myself on a photography gig if it doesn’t feel right.  Money isn’t everything after all! And finding the perfect photographer for your event is better than saving some money.  My motto is this; no one should go broke while starting a new life with each other.  People can easily spend $10,000 on a wedding that could put the newlyweds, or their parents in financial hardship.  The wedding industry has gotten greedy, and they easily capitalize on young couples looking to start a life together.  Who wants to start off a new life together in debt?

What I’m trying to say is that I may not be the photographer that you are looking for.  Be wise when choosing a wedding photographer that may try to pressure you into a booking that you may not feel right about.  Women have excellent intuition; use it to your advantage to choose wisely.

Best wishes from yours truly,